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Full-Service HVAC
Canton GA

We are Stellar Heating and Cooling, a family-owned and operated full-service HVAC provider. We proudly service the beautiful city of Canton and the surrounding areas. We employ a team of licensed and certified HVAC specialists offering heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services for your home. Our remarkable track record has made us the first choice for Canton residents. Through regular maintenance, we get your home operating at full capacity. Our clients all report better air quality, airflow, and longevity in their systems. For over two decades, we have helped our clients build a flourishing network of appliances in their homes and commercial properties.

HVAC Canton GA
ac repair canton ga

Air Conditioning Repair
Canton GA

There is never an ideal time to have your air conditioning unit go out, but it certainly cannot get any more inconvenient than midsummer. Luckily, our team of technicians has worked thousands of jobs, restoring harmony and exceptional air quality to Canton businesses and homes. When you need a certified HVAC technician, you cannot do better than Stellar. Stellar employees all have at least three years of experience. Additionally, they have worked on hundreds of different name-brand air conditioning units. With experience comes a knack for diagnosing issues swiftly and efficiently. Our technicians will outline the problem and subsequently detail your options.


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Competent Heating Repair
Canton GA

Nothing can instantly raise your stress level like that of a sudden heating/furnace malfunction. A heating system failure during the year can be a massive cause of distress. Nevertheless, during the summer months, it becomes a necessity to have a perfectly functioning system. A cold day in Canton needs all the heating help it can get. Who do you call when the furnace breaks down without warning? You call Stellar. Our technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are ready to deploy a team at the first sign of trouble. Stellar technicians are known for their unmatched punctuality.

heating repair canton ga

Licensed and Insured Plumbers Canton GA

We Got You Covered

Stellar is a full-service HVAC provider that specializes in heating, cooling, and multi-faceted appliance repair. Outside of heating and cooling, thousands of plumbing jobs a year are completed by our team members. Our plumbers are sensitive to the rules and regulations surrounding plumbing as cities worldwide have their own laws technicians must obey. We advise that you never attempt to fix a plumbing issue unless you have a prior background doing so. Our specialists have completed hours of certification and regularly attend training seminars to sharpen their skills. Stellar plumbers are certified to work on pipes in your bathroom, kitchen, and every room in between. From the clogs to the bursts, we offer fixes that last a lifetime. Are you in need of plumbers in Canton, GA? Call Stellar HVAC today!

Issues in your plumbing can range from simple clogs caused by hair or food to complete systemic breakdowns that require replacements. We often recommend that our clients practice acute observation skills with their plumbing. Keep regular tabs on how well your toilets and sinks clog and watch out for pools of water that occur where they should not. If you can recognize these issues, you have a better chance of getting them fixed quickly. Problems that are allowed to fester often snowball out of control later on. Stellar strongly advises against purchasing any draining agents, particularly the ones that are industrial grade strength. Our Canton plumbing and heating team advises against self-repair unless you have the skill set necessary. Any attempt to fix a toilet or drain when you do not have the training is a surefire way to exacerbate the problem. Do not play roulette with your pipes, cash out, and call Stellar!

Many clients have previously disclosed that they did not want to contact us because of financial concerns. Apprehension is entirely understandable, and with specific issues like drain clogs, it can seem futile to call a professional. Sometimes, this is, in fact, the case, but we have worked hard to keep prices low and affordable for our mutual benefit. Stellar is cognizant of those with financial limitations, which is why we offer financing opportunities. We offer loyalty incentives and occasional discounts on semi-annual maintenance tune-ups. Stellar is proud to be the HVAC Canton GA provider of choice for residents and businesses alike.

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Our Stellar Promise to You

Why Choose Stellar HVAC?

Our customers are our #1 priority

Our industrious team members have an unmatched work ethic. We are a family-owned and operated business that never lost sight of the values that molded us. Stellar had to expand to accommodate our growing customer base. Even so, we remain impeccable in our mission statement. We hire competent specialists who have the experience necessary to complete crucial repairs. We employ specialists who are honest, hardworking, and transparent. We are not here to funnel money out of your pockets so that we can secure accounts. We want to provide you with the service you deserve and create long-term, prosperous relationships.

The ABC’s of Installation

Repairs are not always an option, considering some units just cannot survive repair. Where do you turn when you need a brand-new appliance? Stellar has an on-site warehouse where we store products and appliances for all of our repairs and sales. Stellar has various contracts with America’s top HVAC brands. These contracts allow us to have first dibs on the most current and state-of-the-art appliances. Finding the right cooling and/or heating system can already cause a mass amount of confusion. Our representatives are available 24/7 to discuss our massive catalog of options with you. Stellar’s attention to detail makes us the top HVAC repair provider in Canton, GA. Trust Stellar HVAC for all your installation needs, call now to book an appointment.

Sophisticated Appliance Repair Canton GA

Your HVAC needs will vary depending on a multitude of factors. Some clients need massive overhauls of faulty systems, and others require the purchase of specific products to solve an issue quickly. Stellar specialists consult with our clients and practice the principles of transparent communication. We want to communicate to you our professional recommendations while keeping in mind your goals and monetary limitations. We look at all of our jobs holistically and find we are at our best when our customers lead the charge. The customer’s needs always come first. Which means we will not push you to go beyond your means, ever. For premium Canton air conditioning services that keep you in the driver’s seat, call Stellar.

A Multitude of HVAC Offerings

We have eternal gratitude for those in the Canton area. Stellar HVAC has been able to consistently expand in the past several years due to your loyalty. In the beginning, our focus was exclusively on the repair and installation of heating and cooling systems. We began to expand our offerings as we started to realize the importance of having a well-functioning system of appliances. In today’s real estate market, having top-grade HVAC is a non-negotiable for competent buyers. Commercial businesses can help prevent on-site accidents by keeping up to date with heavy-duty appliances. We’ve since integrated plumbing, pipes, refrigerator, and washer/dryer repair into our repertoire. For the best in Canton heating and cooling, Stellar consistently ranks at the top.

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On-Demand HVAC Repair
Canton GA

In recent years Stellar has expanded our scope of repairs. It began by employing an even more diverse cast of HVAC specialists who specialize in different areas. Beyond the standard furnace and air conditioning systems, we wanted to provide all the appliances in between. In the past five years, Stellar has commissioned hundreds of refrigerators, pipes, washers, and other relevant home repairs. We also achieved a major goal of becoming a licensed broker and seller of America’s most highly coveted brands. Stellar knows appliances unlike any of our competitors. Our repair team has the green light to start repairs on just about any system one can find in their home. We give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reliable and Safe AC Repair
Canton GA

Having an outstanding track record is what continues to set Stellar apart from our competitors. We understand the importance of merging exceptional work ethic with genuine HVAC talent that never disappoints. We take pride in our work, and we take pride in the people we choose to bring onboard our team. Every specialist is a representative for Stellar, and we take this fact seriously. All employees, regardless of position, are background checked and cleared for work. All employees possess the necessary HVAC experience and are technologically literate. The safety of our clients and our employees is non-negotiable. We will never jeopardize anyone’s wellbeing for the sake of monetary gains. Thanks to our loyal clients and diligent technicians, we remain the top choice in Canton heating and air.

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